I had several more cross cultural eye-openers after we got back to Chengdu. One of the funniest and strangest was probably the club, or “wine bar” as David kept calling it. It was just SO…. I don’t even know, gaudy or something! There was kind of a Michael Jackson theme going on, the staff decked out in satiny ruffled blouses and adorned with a single white glove. We went with Spring’s girlfriends, who were so cute and treated me like a celebrity, or else they always love to take tons of pictures of themselves, who knows.

the ladies at da club
da club
Spring's cute friend in David's glasses

Although it was called a wine bar, we didn’t have wine… I think because “liquor” in chinese is often translated as “wine” (“jiu”); like “bai jiu” or “rice wine” which is actually super potent nail-polish-remover-esque liquor. We had whiskey, but this was a prime example of how the Chinese are not very good drinkers. The whiskey was handled by the Michael Jackson cocktail waitress, who came around periodically to pour a shot and a half into a pitcher, followed by THREE bottles of tea and soda mixed together. We’re talking 1.5 shots polluted with all this mixer for 5 healthy women! I’ve gotten drunker off baby formula.

really weak whiskey drinks
at the club

The other interesting part was the entertainment. Unlike most western clubs where the closest thing to a talented performer is a DJ, many Chinese bars and clubs have entertainment acts booked with dancers or I guess what I’d describe as advanced karaoke. My absolute favorite was when a girl came on to sing “I’m your Venus,” or as she pronounced it, “I’m your Weenus.” A girl also performed that Ke$ha song “Don’t Stop” but she made up half the words in a language Tolkein would admire. I think maybe I’m sounding too disparaging, but what I mean to express is that I found it cute and funny and thoroughly entertaining. Really it’s a step up from Western night scene. The atmosphere is beautiful and lively, and they provide fresh fruit and popcorn!

I'm your weenus

Here’s one more picture I just wanted to include because it makes me laugh:
the feet
Typical guy, David. We asked him to take a picture of us with the instructions “don’t get our feet” so naturally this is what he did.