I’m into my second month of China and my second phase of culture shock. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was reading up on it today in the Buckland manual and the internet and it was like whoever wrote those descriptions has been spying on me.

“The second stage is the actual shock. It can be characterized with a loss of courage and general discomfort. Changes in character occur, depression, lack of self-confidence and irritation, people become more vulnerable and prone to crying, more worried about their health, suffer from headache, bad stomach and complain about pain and allergy…”

But it doesn’t really make me feel better to list out all my complaints here, although that’s what I intended when I began this post. I want to get back to my old self, have some energy and confidence and joy about the little things! I have to remember my own philosophy, that there’s always a joyful little kernal to be found even in your largest most stinkiest of shit piles.

It’s Fall! My favorite! It’s not too chilly, and the leaves on campus are beginning to turn. It’s only going to get more gorgeous here as the rest of the leaves burn red and orange and yellow. It even smells the same as back home. It’s fantastic.

the boat, the leaves, the feet

I got a scooter! It’s robin egg blue and about as cute as a button. It’s so much fun to scoot around on, and as soon I’m confident enough, I’ll be able to take it to town and my world will get a lil bit bigger!


The scooter is currently out of commission due to a minor accident I put it through, but it should be no problem to fix, and in the mean time I am still enjoying the bike! I went on a most excellent shopping excursion on it last weekend, and hanging out by myself really wasn’t bad at all. I’m not bad company. I even treated me to an ice cream cone.

back to the bike

My health and energy level have been pretty lousy, but thank goodness I have had an easy week (although I bombed a lot of my lessons) and I have Friday off! This weekend, it’s a friend’s birthday and we’re going out to celebrate.

I’m determined to see this through. It’s only been two months. I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!