We had two blessed days off in the middle of the week to celebrate the Moon Cake Festival (or Mid-Autumn festival). Ironically, waking up that morning I found it was the first day that felt like fall! Silly me, though, I didn’t really pack many warm clothes from home, so had to be creative with garb. Mostly hung around the house then went on a nice evening bike ride (quickly becoming my favorite pastime)
Wednesday: mid autumn festival outfit
Wednesday: Mid autumn festival
(Sweater: Energy ace!
Silk blouse: Vintage, from my aunt
Scarf: Vintage, also from my aunt
Thigh highs and flats: Target
Bag: thrifted
Glasses: Street market… people like to wear fake glasses here and I kind of fell in love with the stupid trend! Also I think I love them because they remind me of Cortney <3)
A place near my house

That silly diva the moon couldn’t even come out for her own holiday, or maybe the weather was too suddenly brisk for her. However, she did make a glorious appearance the next night. My friend and I rode out to the graveyard to get a good spook and a good vantage of the city.
venturing into the graveyard at night!
View from the graveyard

Preceding the graveyard, here’s the rest of that day off in picture form:

1. Took the bus to town
bus to suzhou

2. Ate a snack from a bakery
a little bakery treat

3. Walked around drooling over window displays
Window shopping in suzhou

4. Had a gingerale at the Bookworm
had some gingerale

5. Got home in time to see my school looking very dashing in the dusk light from the busstop
my school in the background

6. Ate at a little hole-in-the-wall nearby.
delicious hole in the wall